Mobile Wallet

Introducing our Mobile Wallet, the ultimate solution for secure and flexible cryptocurrency management. Available as user-friendly Android and iOS applications, our non-custodial wallet provides you with total control over your assets. We ensure your peace of mind by storing private keys on the server, encrypted by a PIN code known only to you – never saved on any part of the application or server. Access your funds with confidence through your PIN code and Google Authenticator 2FA, while conveniently checking your transaction history. Customize your experience by adding custom tokens on the Tron or Ethereum network, and rest easy knowing we support CCH Tokens. Your assets, your control, your Mobile Wallet.

Discover Mobility with ZeroCash’s Mobile Wallet

Venture into the age of pocket-sized crypto management. ZeroCash brings to you a mobile wallet designed for swift transactions, secure storage, and ultimate convenience.


  • On-the-Go Accessibility: Whether you're commuting or at a cafe, access your assets anytime, from any corner of the world.
  • Synchronize with Paper & Web Wallets: Experience fluid integration. Swipe and manage your paper wallet or import your web wallet with ease.
  • Enhanced Security: Benefit from biometric access, two-factor authentication, and encrypted data storage to ensure your crypto remains impenetrable.

The Future of Crypto is Mobile

ZeroCash’s mobile wallet melds simplicity with advanced functionalities. Designed for both crypto enthusiasts and everyday users, our mobile application offers a one-stop solution for digital asset management.